Tuesday, April 9, 2013

As a result of oral suction circumcision Rite Hebrew blood after two more children Zara


Over the past three months in New York, another two children contracted the deadly herpes virus after a controversial religious ceremony oral circumcision.

These cases brought the score up to 13 such incidents in the year 2000, in two of which the children received severe brain damage, and two died from a virus that spreads rapidly in the body of the child, even doesn't have a full immune system.

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish practice of ritual "mecica b'pe" requires the practitioner to suck the blood from a baby's penis after circumcision, to "cleanse the wound, which makes them vulnerable to the virus.

Department of health reports that in one of two recent cases of child contracted a virus which caused fever and tissue damage in seven days after the procedure. Later, he was diagnosed with herpes simplex virus type 1. This virus differs from the second type of virus, which is transmitted through sexual contact.

"The newborn child Herpes can lead to serious illness and even death," said a specialist from the Department of physical and mental health of New York Jay Varma. "The reason for this is that the child does not have the same advanced immune system as an adult. As a result, the virus quickly spreads through the body.

According to him, now still too early to tell whether permanent damage was caused to the health of the child.

The identity of the Rabbi who performed the ritual, the parents of the boy victim lurks, hindering the Department's intervention, he added.

This religious practice comprises more than five thousand years, and the Department of health warns that a safe way to perform blood from an open wound the appropriation did not exist.

More modern Jews tend to use sterile devices for cleaning wounds or pipette, in contrast to suctioning the blood mouth. Some rabbis, however, strongly defended the original ceremony, calling it a religious freedom and emphasizing its ancient history.

Last September, the Department of health has voted for requiring parental signatures on consent to the ceremony, after the death of two children infected with the virus through this rite of passage.

The parents of two children who recently reportedly did not sign such documents.


According to Rabbi David Cvibelâ, Executive Vice President of the Orthodox Jewish organization, Agudath Israel of America, two-thirds of boys born in the Hasidic community of New York, held a ritual circumcision.

The Department of Health said that before they've gotten complaints from parents, who claimed that they were not notified of such variety Rite over their children.