Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fake websites and forums. Continued

Cheers!!! We have summer in Astana, as you have the weather? Olga (name of my wife) collects Eve (daughter) for a walk. While Eve was screaming something in there I recorded the video, like cut out but can someone and hear :) .

News 1. Yesterday finished up all the links to the course "Computer Wizard himself. Just turns out about 70 references, not a little ;) . As you know some site may delete or change the link, and then this page is not available, just not in this video. If there are problems with any reference, by writing to customer support (already in the work) links will be working with the wave of a magic wand ;) .

News 2. The video is on the DVD and in electronic form. You can buy immediately or naložkoj-to you will send my drive and then only on its mail his pay.

That's all there is to it. See you soon!

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