Thursday, April 18, 2013

Inspect both in Kolènergo during spring floods

In the Executive Office of OAO «kubanenergo» was held a training seminar on risk management, which was attended by heads of structural divisions of the company, technical, economic, legal, HR and PR blocks.

Seminar for managers on risk management was conducted pursuant to the decisions of the Board of OAO «kubanenergo» and «organized with the support of training center «kubanenergo» within the framework of the implementation of the plan of training Companies in the year 2013.

Training course has renowned expert, recognized expert in the field of consulting and professional services, head of consulting group neo Centre Andrew Shishakov.

The managers received new search answers to questions: how to develop the scope of risk management in a society that needs to be done for its introduction into corporate governance. On completion of the course, training session had been held during which participants were able to develop and present their models of development of the company and address common risk situations and improving corporate governance.

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