Thursday, April 11, 2013

The local currency, or how people value

hourpilesmallTwenty years ago, I started to print money. Soon after, the residents of Ithaca, n.y., began exchanging the coloured paper money bearing children, waterfalls, streetcars and bugs. Since then, the turnover among the thousands of people and more than 500 enterprises amounted to millions of dollars, the equivalent in Ithaca HOURS. For hours, you can buy everything that is bought for dollars: food, housing, land, healthcare and entertainment.

At first when it was new, many were skeptical. But almost immediately, hundreds of people willingly joined the list of trade exchange.

For example, these additional funds have proved their strength by strengthening local enterprises, create jobs and increase revenues from sales taxes. Each hour is valued at $ 10/hour, or an hour of labor. Professionals can request several hours per hour of work, or to assign a fair price for your work. The clock was not intended to replace the dollar, to make up for the shortage of dollars. The extra money the community that promote skills and ability, not required economies were the main incentive for entrepreneurship and job creation. There were other benefits. More than 100 community groups have received grants in hours, and were given interest-free loans of up to $ 30,000.

But the biggest advantage of local money was bringing residents together, they get to know each other, became friends and political allies. WATCH easy to unite people, whereas dollars are often run by people. As the paper turns into money? For example, national currency banknotes, need network and broker service providing reliable and balanced treatment. Therefore, for each of the local currency is required at least one professional serving the network. My main activity as the organizer of the system CLOCK was brought in to new skills, the publication of the bimonthly City Directory, HOURS and assist people in spending money earned.

Why Watch? Because WATCHES are reliable as a clock, because the minutes are not stretched or compressed. And everybody has more hours than gold.

Nowadays, however, the popular online trading of domestic credit. In many American towns people earned and spent "time dollars". In world trade are based on the system time as TimeRepublik and E, BitCoin-Flux.

But I think the paper money with local emblems emphasize local pride. What is a country without a flag, without the logo, or the local trade without recognizable symbols?

Does the community as paper money, electrons or metal, to successfully issue needs constant promotion. Floor CLOCKS entered the everyday speech of residents of Ithaca with hundreds of stories in national news stories and thousands of local debate. Catalog city HOURS published 300 local "success stories" of satisfied business traders. In five years, practically all realized that is the hour, and are willing to join it. The kids all thought of printing money.

Ability to create "his" money always is in any major city. It is also possible to trade the currency, for example, ArtCash will help the development of Arts and crafts; MediCash will make more diverse health care; NegaWatts will contribute to economical use of energy.

Green America's economy also merits its own money used for the purpose of ecology and social justice. Such loans may not yield fast profits stimulate green markets that have long skirted the side of big investors: rational use of energy and upgrading, crops growing in an urban context, cooperation in health, zemlebitnye houses and urban transport.

Commissioning of special money, and with them and ourselves, opens up possibilities for correction of civilization. When we take control of the money, we the people, are the owners of the treasure, and themselves become treasure.