Friday, April 12, 2013

To destroy the enemy AIR FORCE drone and boats use the United States military lasers

thumb.phpThe following year the American naval forces plan to deploy a system of laser weapons on a ship in the Gulf war to shoot down drones and oncoming speedboats.

Weapons, named simply "Laser weapon system (LAWS), looks like a small telescope, but in fact is a serious weapons capable of tracking moving targets and destroy them using a laser beam, strong enough to burn holes in steel armor.

The video with the United States NAVY conducted tests last summer off the coast of California, shows how a laser beam fired from military cruisers, managed to set fire to the approaching unmanned aircraft and forced it to fall into the ocean.

The laser beam is invisible to the naked eye, as it is in the infrared portion of the spectrum.

Many details of the laser is kept secret, for example – what is its effective range, powerful or how much energy is required to power it. But Navy officials have announced some non-classified details.

According to them, the Navy has spent on developing these weapons, about 40 million dollars over the last six years.

Rear Admiral Thomas Eccles reported that the beam can be turned on instantly, and that "the generation of energy is a virtual store with an infinite number of charges".

Building on previous tests, the Navy is confident that the laser is ready for full deployment aboard the USS Ponce "in the Persian Gulf. The choice fell on this ship, since its mission is to provide a presence in the Gulf to combat Iranian naval threat in the region. By coincidence the same circumstances, Iran uses the mosquito fleet to izmatyvani√Ę American vessels in the waters of the Gulf.

Rear Admiral Matthew Klander, head of the Office of Naval Research, said that "these weapons should send a message to some potential enemies, that they should think twice before trying to do harm to the American courts, since LAWS can quickly destroy the enemy boats and UAVs.

And although the laser is mainly used against slow moving drone and boats, at an average speed of 50 knots, the NAVY in the future United States see the potential to destroy the system much faster.


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