Thursday, April 11, 2013

Holland lifted the ban on the Organization of pedophiles


Martijn Uittenbogaard head Martin foundation

A Dutch appeals court lifted the ban on the organization that lobbies sexual relationships between adults and children, after coming to the conclusion that it does not violate any of the laws in force in the Netherlands.

Last year, the civil court in the north-eastern city of Assen decided to dissolve Within the Fund, stating that his position was "a serious affront to the values of our society."

But according to Dutch News site, Court of appeal in Leeuwarden loans decided that organization that asserts that it is not engaged in propaganda of sexual abuse, and insists on being a "platform for discussion of paedophilia, can not be outlawed, because its existence is no threat to society.

The Court agreed with arguments that the lobbying organization, paedophilia, really went against "certain principles of the Dutch criminal justice system", but referred to the fact that the company has enough power to counter such "undesirable statements and disgusting behavior", not banning them.

And although some of its members were sentenced to imprisonment on articles providing for liability for child pornography, the Court considered that the words and pictures on the website do not violate any laws.

Chapter organization Martijn Uittenbogaard said that 60 members of the Association will hold a meeting to decide on further action.

Christian organizations said they would continue their attempts to change the law and ban associations whose activity causes in the country wide protest.


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