Thursday, April 18, 2013

OAO "FGC UES" supports the global scientific community

In Chelyabinsk started the shop for repair of transformers ' branch of Idgc of Urals "Chelyabenergo": on the eve of the energy sent the first batch of repaired and ready-to-use transformers with assigned numbers, solemnly 001 002 and 003 home-Sosnovsky REFS.

In the structure of the energy companies created a new unit to overhaul service transformers (-). A new workshop, organized by the Department of the production-based Central electric networks "will serve the mains throughout the complex responsibilities of the branch" Chelyabenergo ", carrying out major repairs of power transformers, which will significantly reduce costs and reduce the time the overhaul. Energy have the necessary technological equipment; prepared and trained staff.

Power transformers is the main link in the scheme of electricity supply to consumers, their quality and timely maintenance and repair of power system's success depends on the whole. Before the repairs were performed inclusively transformers, now agreed to better utilize "Chelyabenergo" resources to ensure a unified approach to maintenance and repairs the repair programme of Idgc of Urals.

«All new is well forgotten old-says the Deputy Director on technical issues, the Chief Engineer of the branch of Idgc of Urals "Chelyabenergo" Aleksey Mlotok. – The creation of a new structure, an analysis of past experience of energy companies, as well as the experience of our colleagues from neighbouring branches "Sverdlovenergo" and "Permenergo". Only until the end of 2013, the new shop will repair the transformers of all dimensions of 95, the real savings will amount to 2 million 560 thousand rubles.