Saturday, April 6, 2013

What is slash

Что такое слеш клавишаHello! Talk with you today about what is slash. This is the key, which is responsible for writing the character "/". Looking at the keyboard, it can find a few, usually it "hides" either near the Shift to the right, just below the "Enter" if it has a g-shaped. Accepted that the slash is the key to entering the mother tongue layout puts the point in the sentence.

In order to enter a slash character, you should switch to the English keyboard layout, then press the corresponding key without any Shift or other additional buttons. In the classic keyboard has two keys-slash and bèksleš (backslash), which is the button with the symbol "\". Often on the same button in the new versions of keyboards is a normal slash and some of the other characters, but they are not interested in.

In some layouts, often on laptops has a slash without switching the input function on the English keyboard layout. Holding the Shift key and typing the symbol, we obtain a slash without switching languages.

Where is slash?

Longtime computer users will recall times of d:. They probably don't have to remind what a slash and why you need it, and so they all know perfectly well. For those who have not experienced these – slash is applied in many cases.

For example, when you want to put a fraction (Division), indicate the relevance of concepts (rather than consumption and/or etc) for spelling acronyms, as operator of the separation in a multitude of programming languages known and so on. Working in DOS, many accustomed to the "/" key functionality, which, for example, the shared folder names when entering a directory. In programming this button simply irreplaceable and is used very often.

What is the difference between the slash and bèksleš?

Bèksleš is usually located above the Enter key. Unlike the slash "/", it is the reverse form "\". This sign is used to indicate the difference between a mathematical function sets. She may have other roles in the construction of the text, everything here may depend on its specificity, but bèksleš not so often used as an ordinary slash. Also, quite often it can be used in various games in the console.

Do not confuse these two keys, for example, when you enter a code or a directory. Sometimes when you type the address for the browser itself detects the error and replace backslashes to slash line. However, the purpose of these marks are quite different, and this should be remembered.

If you go to any disk, I get the "d:\", and if you go to the website, we can notice that slashes are different. You have to understand that.

So, now you know what a ' slash ', how to find it on the keyboard, what does this sign. In fact many applications, it is much larger than previously described. This button is a great feature, but because it is not superfluous to the layout.

On this I have everything yet!

P.S.: remember the old and good game Mortal Combat :) .

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