Saturday, April 13, 2013

Search in folder

Hello! He worked at the computer today and caught myself thinking that some users are unable to quickly find the document in this folder when 100 or more files. You can of course use the search, but that is a matter for each. To record video on this topic.

The day before yesterday night from their parents, it was a lot of work, and Eve was screaming the House down. Fever 37 and two hours couldn't knock down. Teeth. .. Constantly trying to scratch your gums, hands already all wet ;) . Bought a toy from water to cesala, but does not want to. Today Olga went to a pharmacy and bought some gum, which put on the finger, and at the end of the small rubber fibril. I hope to somehow help. We are not helping, she let the card as it is convenient. Don't even know what to do, be patient and not take the easy way out with her.
See you soon!

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Regards, Alexander Kozlov

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