Thursday, April 18, 2013

Optima group completed a project for construction of the cable line in Zelenograd

Optima Group announces completion of project to build a cable line 10 kV transformer substation and distribution and two transformer substations in the special economic zone «Zelenograd (playground ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY). Executor of the project as general contractor has Optima Engineering is a structural subdivision of the Optima Group, whose principal activity is the provision of generating, transmission, distribution and consumption of heat and electricity on the basis of modern energy technologies.

The main objective of the project was to provide electricity to the residents of special economic zone "Zelenograd. Cable line construction was carried out under the strict supervision of the construction of the Moscow City Department of civil engineering and integrated territorial development. In the course of the project Optima Engineering was working on the construction of a complex object, consisting of three surface installations with a capacity of 10 kV electrical installations. In the works are more than 10 km of the power cable and installed two cameras. Built cable line is connected to the power station with capacity of 110 kV "era".

A full cycle of works includes earthworks, delivery of the equipment of leading European manufacturers (Sshneider Electric, ABB), equipment and Assembly, adjustment, adjustment of the working draft of the construction, the design and implementation of an automated information-measuring system of commercial account of electric power (AIISKUÈ), as well as robot system (tm). Optima Engineering also claimed warranty was completed and delivered to the facility. It should be noted that this pattern of interaction allows the customer to make acceptance of the executed works and subsequent after-sales service.

"The opportunity to apply our project experience at such a sensitive site like playground ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY, Zelenograd" special economic zone ", said a vote of confidence on the part of industry to the decisions taken by the Optima and accumulated experience we have," said Group Vice President Boris Balikoev Optima energy. – This is particularly important in the context of the fact that one of the important spheres of the special economic zone «Zelenograd is the development of energy-saving technologies.

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