Saturday, April 6, 2013

Due to a shortage of explosives, the Pentagon may be forced to give away supplies of explosive material on load


A recent Pentagon review disclosed that the Ministry of Defense of the United States, probably exhausted possible domestic producers of so-called "energetic materials" used in military ammunition. This can lead to the fact that the United States will have to rely on foreign suppliers of components such as explosives, gunpowder, Fireworks and other similar ingredients.

"A large number of materials are at risk of becoming unavailable to the Ministry in the next few years," says oglašënnyh, Deputy Minister of defense procurement, technology and logistics by Frank Kendellom in February 2012.

The research team collected for investigation, included representatives from all branches of the army, United States special operations command, all the big defensive Agency, NASA and the Department of energy. As a result of the investigation, the Commission has identified 181 material as being "at risk", four of them as being "in the zone of critical risk". Moreover, the report indicates that 131 of the 181 materials are produced or sole supplier in the United States or foreign producers.

"The supply chain is very fragile, and in the foreseeable future will remain in this State," reads the report.

Although specific materials that most interest the Pentagon, have not been disclosed, officials in the United States Army's 2010 year mentioned triaminotrinitrobenzin, TATB, or lead azide and Calcium silicide among energy resources that do not have a domestic producer or have only one.

The Pentagon faces a dilemma – should it subsidize certain American suppliers if their goods are deemed indispensable.

The Commission concluded, "it is hard to predict when and where the American industry energy materials will collapse because of the large number of potential points of failure. She said, "requires a comprehensive solution for the level of the Ministry of defence, involving local producers.

According to the Director of the Division of land warfare and José González, the Pentagon already is taking action to revive domestic production of TATB by requesting the assistance of artillery Technology Consortium is a public-private partnership that includes the 214 companies involved.

The members of the Consortium was asked to suggest ways of production and an acceptable quality of TATB, and one American contractor, BAE Systems ' Ordnance that can meet this requirement. According to Gonzales, Halston, in Tennessee, where the Army ammunition plant, has already produced the first 200 kilograms of this material, and they are likely to meet military specifications.

Despite the filing, outsourcing is not a new phenomenon for the Pentagon. From 2007 to 2011, according to the report members of the House of representatives Chris Murphy, the Ministry of defence has given hundreds of thousands of bounce "buy American Act" that cost the jobs of many Americans. According to him, the consequence of 161 thousand failures during this period, 53.5 billion dollars went to foreign suppliers, leading to the loss of 620 jobs in America.


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