Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The campaign is gaining momentum for withdrawal of Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

obamanobelThe Nobel Peace Prize, President Obama got 40 months ago, proved to be the most appalling oruèllianskoj a reward of this century. No, war is not peace.

George Carlin (American comedian, actor and writer; CA. loved to improvise with oksûmoronami like "cumbersome nobodies", "genuine imitation," "political science" and "mind war". But the humor becomes visel′nym when we consider the absurdity and tragedy to commemorate the world peace prize to her very first host of the wars.

The process of challenging that decision this week began with petitions requiring the Norwegian Nobel Committee to deny Obama the peace prize. By midnight of the first day of the signature under it left about 10 thousand people. The online petition is Nobel Prize Committee simply stated: "I kindly request you to annul the Nobel Peace Prize, which was awarded to Barack Obama."

Many signatories added their own comments. The following are some examples:

War is not what should be giving the peace prize. Brent L., San Diego, Ca

President Obama made it clear that he does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize and Cancel it ... give it to Bradley Mènningu! Henry B., Portland, Oregon

And Bush Could better or Romney as President, but not the Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Arun N., Woodinville, Washington

Awarding President Obama downgraded the prestige, which was once the Nobel Prize as recognition for the best of us. now it is a supportive Pat on the backs of thugs that prowl freely among our Governments. this decision led me to doubt the honesty of all previous nominations and ask whether the entire program Nobel prizes one continuous swindle. Juan F., Arcata, California

His Deeds speak louder than his words. He continued Bush's torture policy and both wars. He sent armed drones in distant lands and only a low probability of kill terrorists, but it is civilians. He does not deserve her. Katherine M., San Diego, Ca

Dronit′ people to death is not peace. William S., New York

Drone Strikes create more terrorists than they consume. Jay J., Roučdejl, Indiana

This man shames the world. What do you think? Sherrill F., Davis, California

He received this award on promises that are not kept. Ron B., Bend, Oregon

As someone who had voted for Obama, I am deeply disappointed. giving him her beforehand, it was a bad decision. Tim K. Long Prairie, Minnesota

Obama-arsonist wars with a smile on his face. John M., Wellington, New Zealand

Please, before Obama, whose hands are tied, start with Henry Kissinger. Bob S., Gibsons, Canada

I voted for Obama – twice. I am very sad to sign this petition, but at heart I believe that made them using drones is completely wrong! Gloria H., Santa Rosa, Ca

Case of Obama at odds with words.Evalyn C., Walnut Creek, Ca

You have lost all your credibility by giving the peace prize to Obama. Correct. Camilo B., Long Beach, Ca

It appears that the preventive work of peace prize just as preventive wars. Džaan K., Alameda, California