Saturday, April 13, 2013

What happens if you don't activate Windows 7

Hello dear readers! Let's imagine your computer purchase :) . Today is your day. You went to a computer shop and bought the first computer in your life. You really don't know anything else, while aware that there is such a thing called an operating system without the system your new computer just a bunch of useless iron and boards. So you've heard that one should activate the system, and that's what will happen if you choose not to activate Windows 7?

Что будет, если не активировать Windows 7Immediately I say that absolutely no good. Why Windows 7? Because today is the most popular Microsoft development. "XP" and "Vista" is slowly fading, and eight still undergoing testing.

And here you have a computer at home. The operating system is already installed on it, but it is a so-called "Demo: Windows Starter or Starter. Under the arrangement with Microsoft, this version is installed on all computers and when you purchased your computer it comes for free. But not always!

It is activated when you purchase, but this version is likely a "stripped-down".  You again went to a computer shop and purchased a licensed version «Home Basic, Home Premium, "or even" Ultimate ". You managed to install it, but then the question: "what if you choose not to activate Windows7?".

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