Saturday, April 13, 2013

Assad: "crisis in Syria represents the end of the world" odopolârnogo


In a recent interview, Syrian President Al-Assad said that the crisis in Syria is an end to the unipolar world in which the rule of the United States.

In a television interview to the Turkish channel Ulsal Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad stressed that the creation of the BRIX is a signal to the world that the United States can no longer be the only global power, and that other countries should bear in mind the opinions and interests of the countries the BRICS. He also noticed that the BRICS nations do not support it the Government or the Syrian State as such, but rather contribute to the preservation of stability in the region.

Al-Assad has stressed that there is need to be fully aware that if the crisis will lead to the disintegration of Syria, or if a country filled with terrorists, the crisis will inevitably result from neighbouring countries.

Al-Assad's statement that the rise of the BRICS countries implies the end of the unipolar world dominated by the United States, appeared shortly after the BRICS Summit 2013 year in Durban, South Africa.

Shortly after the Summit, the Western mass media organized a campaign to discredit the South African President Jacob Zuma, by painting him as a potential war criminal because of the involvement of the South African army in the Central African Republic (car), when attempting to assist the Government and the army of the CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC assistance in preventing a military coup supported by the West, 13 South African soldiers were killed.

A coordinated campaign against the BRICS Summit 2013 host, South African President Jacob Zuma, has forced the international law expert Alexander Mezâeva to voice their fears that the West supported the military coup attempt in the Central African Republic was probably a kind of preparation for the military coup in the Republic of South Africa.

There is general agreement among analysts that the increased self-confidence of BRICS bloc hints at the end of the unipolar world, where the rule of the United States. Whether the world is approaching a global currency war, and whether the world will erupt into open conflicts and direct confrontation between the two blocs, yet totally undefined, and at the moment it is difficult to judge.


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