Thursday, April 18, 2013

JSC "spring 2006-holding" has developed a draft external electric power supply system of oil fields in the Arctic Circle

Ekaterinburg branch of the FÃO Glavgosexpertiza of Russia "has issued a positive opinion on the project documentation and engineering survey results on the project" development of the oil fields they r. Trebsa and a. Titov. The project was developed by the HUMAN RIGHTS CENTRE «Sevzapènergoset′proekt» JSC «SEC» SevZap, «spring 2006-holding. Customer: Llc "Bashnipineft". Work began in the year 2012.

The object is located in the inaccessible areas of the Nenets autonomous area and is intended for an external power supply of the oil fields. R. Trebsa and a. Titov.

The project includes construction of two 110 kV HV LINE length of 40.5 km each, two 220 kV HV LINE length of about 2 km each and two 35 kV HV LINE length of about 1 km each. The line will be in permafrost regions. Approximately 30% of supports VL are installed in plastičnomerzlyh soils, for retention of original technical solution applied to surface footings. Design is a triangular metal beam Foundation, supported by a foundation block 3 of the precast beams for cargo.

The object of two substations with SF6 INSULATED SWITCHGEAR closed: FS 220/110/35 of them. R. Trebsa transformer capacity 2 x 63 MVA SUBSTATION and 110/35/10 kV deposits them. A. Titova transformer capacity 2 x 25 MVA.

Exploration work at the site from January to may 2012 specialists conducted research CENTER «Sevzapènergoset′proekt» JSC «SEC» SevZap. Tells the Chief Yevhen Yevhenovych Ikonskij:

-The complexity of works in Bolshezemelskaya Tundra-the lack of roads; You can only navigate the swamps during the winter. I had to work in difficult conditions of polar night, when frequent storm warnings. After repeatedly working day our vehicles detained for 5-8 hours at the nearest CHECKPOINT due to temporary bans on the movement on the winter road. I want to especially thank drivers who provide uninterrupted delivery people, cargo and fuel, as well as drill teams that quickly followed the delivered amount of drilling in permafrost.

Design implemented by the Division under the leadership of Tatiana substations ISU Viktorovny Shiman and VL Division under the leadership of ISU Maxim Alexandrovich Bodrova.

Facility is planned for the year 2014.

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